Proposed lecture, tutorial and seminar bookings for 2017

Pat Terry (; internal 8292)

This page summarizes the proposed undergraduate tutorial bookings envisaged for 2017. It also summarizes venues reserved for postgraduate teaching and seminars. Please visit it regularly, as adjustments will undoubtedly be needed once class sizes are better known. Please come back soon - this page is still under development.

First complete release : 10 February 2017
This version : 7 March 2017 @ 11:15:31     Significant changes since first release will be highlighted in red.

Readers are reminded that a computer system is run during the first week of term (usually on the Wednesday) which distributes all students registered at that time across their possible lecture, tutorial and practical alternative times so as to obtain fair distributions and minimize clashes. This is a very sophisticated system, and it can easily be "tuned" at the last minute to add or delete tutorial groups if the numbers in classes warrant this. More on this closer to the time, but note that effectively all departments are asked to buy into this system - which, they have found, eliminates the drudgery of handling this distribution internally and arguing with recalcitrant students.

In other words - please don't try to organize your own tutorial groups or book tutorial venues until these have been processed automatically, which can be Real Soon Now if no problems are brought to my attention.

Please bear in mind that the pressure on tutorial venues is very high, not made easier by the fact that we don't know numbers at the time the planning has to take place.

In what follows, requests made for tutorial and seminar space are summarized, followed by my suggestions as to what can actually be allocated, with a brief rationale where necessary. It is realized that I may have missed a few departments or crucial issues, in which case please send comments to Pat Terry ( as soon as possible.

It is recommended that you read this document in conjunction with a copy of the full allocation of venues. Note that the "full allocation" uses a convention like SUB 101 or SUB_1T to indicate a first year lecture or tutorial in SUB; similarly SUB_2T indicates a second year tutorial (and so on). Furthermore, a convention like FUN_1P is used to indicate a first year practical for FUN. Entries like BAD*SEM. MIS*MAS and ZEN*HON indicate bookings for Seminars, Masters and Honours (which are often requested in quite large blocks).

In the present age there seems little point in distributing the timetable in any but electronic form, and so these web pages must be regarded as definitive. They will be kept up to date to reflect changes, in particular any that come about shortly after registration.


Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies


Biochemistry, Microbiology



Chinese Studies


Commercial Law

Cultures and Languages in Africa

Computer Science


Earth Science 101



English Language and Linguistics


Environmental Science

Fine Art







Human Kinetics & Ergonomics


IiNtetho zoBomi

Industrial & Economic Sociology

Information Systems

Introduction to Science Concepts and Methods




Law (Legal Theory LT and LLB)



Modern Fiction

Music (Theory and Analysis)

Music Culture and History

Organizational Psychology

Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management





Psychology and Organizational Psychology

Sociology and Industrial & Economic Sociology


Zoology, Entomology

Extended Studies Programmes

Science Augmentation Classes